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Checks before fitting a new Diesel Particulate Filter
Published on: 14/06/2012

Before fitting a new Diesel Particulate Filter, you should check the following components on a vehicle:

* EGR valve or EGR pipe blockage
* Oxygen sensors
* DPF pressure pipes and valves
* Air flow meter
* Intake manifold
* Pressure switch
* Engine temperature sensor
* Engine oil – is it the correct specification for the engine?
* Intake manifold
* Turbo charger function
* Engine wear
* Fuel pressure
* Heater / Glow Plugs
* Leaking Injectors
* Blocked sensors
* ECU Malfunction
* Air filter condition

The above are just some general points, but it’s recommended that a full service is carried out at the same time as installing a new DPF, and remember that most diesel engines fitted with a DPF require a specific low ash oil.

Some vehicles also require a special additive in the oil at the same time a DPF is replaced, and each vehicle will require an individual diagnostic investigation and testing procedure.

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