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European Exhaust and Catalyst
EU takes steps to improve UK air quality
Published on: 26/02/2014

The European Commission is launching legal proceedings against the UK for failing to deal with air pollution.

The EU has found that levels of nitrogen dioxide, mainly created by diesel engines, are regarded as ‘excessive’ in many British cities.
Nitrogen Dioxide is believed to be a major cause of respiratory illnesses and premature deaths.

Britain was supposed to meet EU limits by 2010, by the Government admits that London won’t reach this target until at least 2025.

The UK’s problem with dirty air stems from the EU’s air pollution directive, which was enforced in 2008, setting limits on the levels of air-borne contaminants, including particulate matter and nitrogen oxides – gases that are produced from the burning of fossil fuels.

It is of particular concern to those living near roads in big cities and those suffering from asthma, and controlling the amount of air has proved particularly difficult for the UK.

Campaigners say that if the UK is to cut its levels of pollution, drastic and immediate action is required. Around half of all new car sales are diesel powered, and to reduce our emissions we would need many new strict low emission laws.

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