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European Exhaust and Catalyst
Launch of the new EEC 6-in-1 DPF Solution
Published on: 26/06/2017

EEC-6-in-1Garages can now recommend just one solution to consumers suffering DPF issues, as Emissions experts, European Exhaust and Catalyst, proudly launch the unique EEC 6-in-1 DPF Solution to our global customer base.

The new ‘one-shot’ solution cleans several parts of the vehicle emissions system – namely the Injectors, EGR Valve, Turbo, Fuel Vaporiser, Sensors and assists the DPF with regeneration. Just one bottle can be used for over 400 litres of fuel, with each 25ml ’shot’ cleaning carbon throughout the fuel and emissions system.

The product is aimed at consumers looking to save fuel and increase MPG, combat DPF blockages and clean their vehicle engine system, whilst being markedly cheaper than using premium fuel at the pump to achieve far better results. This is especially useful for consumers who drive Diesel vehicles for short distances where the DPF will not reach the required temperature or time to burn off the soot.

How It Works
EEC 6-in-1 is a fuel borne catalyst formulation that helps Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) to regenerate by reducing the natural combustion temperature required to burn off the trapped particulate matter (un-burnt carbon, engine oil debris and soot) by up to 150oC.

The formulation additionally cleanses all of the fuel and emissions system of carbon deposits which leads to improved MPG and engine performance, reduces smoke, lowers emissions, cleans and lubricates.

A proven formula for success
Developed in association with a spin-off company from Oxford University, and rigorously tested on passenger cars, light goods vehicles, trucks and buses, 6-in-1 is suitable for all Diesel engined vehicles.

Ben Kendrick, Sales and Marketing Manager, European Exhaust and Catalyst, comments: “Developed by our experts in Emissions Systems, this product is a useful upsell opportunity for customers reporting DPF issues. Its use is not just for those customers who are reporting blocked DPFs, but from end consumers who are looking to prevent DPF issues before they start happening.”

“EEC 6-in-1 was launched at Automechanika 2017 Birmingham to positive comments with initial orders being placed by a number of high-profile buying groups. We believe the unique formula in ’shot’ format will save both garages and consumers from the multitude of confusing one-solution products presently on offer and saves space in the warehouse and workshop.”

If you have any questions regarding the solution, please call EEC Sales on 023 92245300 or email