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European Exhaust and Catalyst
Reader Review: EEC 6-in-1 DPF Solution
Published on: 30/05/2018

European Exhaust and Catalyst (EEC) say its 6-in-1 solution helps DPFs to regenerate by reducing the natural combustion temperature required to burn off the trapped particulate matter by up to 150ºC but how does it perform for GW reader and mechanic, Mark Bradbury?

6in1-reviewTesting the solution out on a 2008 Volvo V70 D5, Mark said the owner had some concern that the engine oil level was rising and feared the DPF was failing to regenerate successfully.

The treatment claims to cleanse all of the fuel and emissions system of carbon deposits, helping to improve MPG and engine performance while also reducing smoke and lower emissions.

Reporting to GW Views, Mark said: “I would recommend it, I’ve certainly had no negative effects.

“It’s a helpful product and the best way I can describe it, is that it feels like you’re using a premium grade diesel fuel – you can feel there’s an improvement behind the wheel.”

DPF backpressure

Prior to treatment, the Volvo’s pressure sensor particulate trap measured seven hectopascals at idle.

Post-treatment, the figure has dropped to four. “The diagnostic readings have been really pleasing to see,” explained Mark.

“I’ve got less back pressure in the DPF, the car feels much better to drive and economy seems to have slightly improved too.”

One bottle can be used with over 400 litres of fuel, at 25ml shot dosages. Each 25ml shot cleans the injectors, EGR valve, fuel vaporiser, turbo, sensors and assists with regeneration.

Mark said that he applied a dose to the tank before filling up “to ensure it mixed well” and concluded his review with a four out of five rating.

“I’ve been fairly surprised to be honest,” he added. “I’d say it’s a good satisfactory product that certainly seems to do the job.”

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