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European Exhaust and Catalyst
Common DPF Misconceptions – Any Diesel Fuel System Cleaner Will Do
Published on: 26/04/2019

Any Diesel Fuel System Cleaner Will Do

As with many things, price becomes a factor when making a decision. For many years, fuel additives have been available for a wide range of applications, with ‘DPF Cleaners’ quite often being the more expensive option than the other fuel additive options that are available alongside. Skeptics sometimes suggest that despite the bigger price tag, DPF cleaners are actually no different in content, and thus surely a generic ‘Diesel Fuel System Cleaner’ will work just as well. You’ll tend to hear this on conjunction with the claim that DPF cleaners can’t possibly work because they can’t survive combustion.

The truth is, however, that DPF treatments have a special additional ingredient – A Fuel Borne Catalyst. These FBC’s survive combustion in their active form which means they can still perform their function as soot-clearner in the exhaust system and DPF. Traditional Diesel Fuel System Cleaners might be cheaper, but they don’t have this extra ingredient, which means that their organic chemicals won’t work in the exhaust as they will be destroyed in the combustion chamber.

So, they might be more expensive, but most credible DPF cleaners are worthy of the cost due to their FBC chemistry, superior to traditional fuel additive components.