European Exhaust and Catalyst
European Exhaust and Catalyst
Product Spotlight: Toyota Prius
Published on: 01/05/2020

1.5 16v Petrol Saloon/Hatchback ENG1NZ-FXE 10/2000 – 03/2010

Our full range of parts for the popular Toyota Prius 1.5 Petrol are below:

Type EEC Part Number
Catalyst EURO4 Two-piece system (09/2003 – 01/2009) TY6095T
Catalyst EURO5 Two-piece system (01/2009 – 12/2009) TY6073T
Fitting Kit applicable for both catalysts KIT679
Rear Brake Pad BRP0847
Rear Brake Pad BRP1113
Front Brake Pad BRP1825
Front Brake Pad BRP1116
Exhaust Rear Box and Tail Pipe ETY682
4 Wire Rear 02 sensor Kit 750MM LSK096

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