European Exhaust and Catalyst
European Exhaust and Catalyst
Essential Bracket Fitment for Part CI6088T
Published on: 19/01/2021

Each CI6088T is supplied with a supplementary bracket that is of paramount importance when fitting the catalytic converter to the vehicle.

CI6088T tech info

The Peugeot/Citroen 1.2VTi (EB2) engine employs a lower mounting point for the catalytic converter.

The mounting position is located close to the bottom of the crankcase on the near side of the car.

The bracket supplied with CI6088T is designed to connect the catalyst firmly to the engine block eliminating torsional stresses. If the installer fails to use the bracket then failure is inevitable.

Likely symptoms include partial or total failure around the inlet flange leading to significant gas leakage.

Please note that any requests for credit will be declined if it is evident that the bracket has not been used.

Supplementary instructions are available on request.